Botanical Illustration in Watercolor of Chilean Native Plants

18 October 2010
Santiago, Chile

This botanical workshop is linked to the publication of the book ‘Plants from the Woods and Forests of Chile’ coordinated by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. This book will feature up to 80 high quality water-colour paintings of plants associated with the forested areas of south-central Chile and its is scheduled to be published in 2012/13. The project is being coordinated by Martin Gardner and Paulina Hechenleitner, who have worked together on Chilean plant conservation. They were the main authors of the book ‘Threatened plants of central-south Chile’ published in 2005.

AIM OF THE WORKSHOP: to give Chilean artists, students, or professionals the basic skills to undertake botanical painting. The course is based on the highly successful series of botanical illustration courses developed and run at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland.

CONTENTS OF THE WORKSHOP: This workshop is designed to introduce close observational techniques that are necessary for drawing and painting botanical illustrations, there will also be demonstrations and exercises to use as ‘building blocks’ towards improving techniques.  

THE WEEK-LONG PROGRAMME: of study will: (i) give an introduction to the drawing of a range of native plant species at life size; (ii) explain how to create realistic drawings using light and shade; (iii) explain botanical accuracy in rendition, and show the essentials of mixing colours to build up watercolour washes and (iv) demonstrate the importance of composition and presentation.